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Bringing super-fast broadband to the Beauly Firth and beyond

Beauly Firth broadband


The current Beauly Firth broadband scheme covers the entire highlighted area, with a direct line of site of one of the primary mast sites on the Monsternet network.

If you live within the coloured area and are currently receiving 2Mbps or less for broadband speeds then you may be entitled claim a Better Broadband voucher worth up to £290, to cover installation and hardware costs – see the broadband package page for more information.


Please get in touch if you want to check eligibility of the scheme for your property.

Line of Sight delivery

In order to ensure a suitable quality of service, your property must be within a clear line of sight of one of our transmitter mast sites. Line of sight ideally would have no visibly obstruction along the path of the wireless radio link from your property’s “dish” to the nearest mast site.

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