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Telephone services

Wireless broadband services don’t require a phone line to operate. If you have a good mobile phone reception, you may wish to cancel your land-line completely – this could save you £20/month or more.

If however your mobile coverage is poor, or you simply wish to retain your existing phone line and number, you can bundle the line with our broadband package, and take advantage of huge cost savings.

4 great reasons to bundle your phone line and broadband with us:

1) Huge cost savings – up to 50% cheaper than major operators like BT.
2) Locally based help-desk – no more calls to offshore call centres!
3) No change to your existing phone number or services.
4) No loss of service – the change-over to us is seamless.

Service Price
Standard Line Rental £14.40/month
Premium Line Rental* £17.40/month
Caller Display £1.20/month
1571 £1.20/month
Call Connection £0
UK Land-line Calls 1.2p per minute
UK Mobile Calls 2.4p per minute

To take advantage of this great offer, simply e-mail [email protected] or call 0333 370 4444 and tell us your current telephone number and installation address. We will check your current service, then e-mail you back confirm the pricing and saving you could make.

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